USSD System VI Value

About USSDx

USSDx bridges your existing SS7 mobile network with the rest of the internet-connected world; without you needing to make any changes to your existing USSD infrastructure.

  • Easy to use: USSDx enables subscribers who use smartphones and tablets to use all of your existing USSD services! It does this by automatically converting all existing services into a modern internet-connected mobile application that provides subscribers with a simple one-touch interface for performing self-care, internet banking, and network service provisioning.
  • Increased reach: Furthermore, it extends the investment in and lifespan of existing SS7-based USSD services and infrastructure because it allows you to provide USSD services to large numbers of subscribers on your 3G and LTE networks and to those using non SIM-enabled tablets.

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Key Benefits

  • Provides the same familiar self-care services to both feature phone and smart device-using subscribers
  • Leverages your existing USSD services and infrastructure
  • Provides subscribers with a versatile mobile app:
  • The app is a small ~2 Mb download
  • The app works on low-end devices with limited storage
  • The app doesn't need updating-its back-end keeps the app up-to-date with fresh content

Key Features

  • Transforms existing USSD services into a mobile app for iOS + Android smartphones and tablets
  • Enables USSD usage on devices and networks with no USSD support
  • Provides a mobile app with:
  • A OneTouch user interface
  • Customisable skins and page content
  • Transaction-processing using device contact numbers

Additional Advantages

  • The app provides the same set of self-care services to both your feature phone and smart device-using subscribers.
  • The app facilitates fast subscriber response times, which improves the overall service experience.
  • The app enables subscribers to directly access contacts on their devices to perform transactions.

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