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About USSD System VI

USSD System VI is not just a run of the mill USSD gateway system. Over and above the traditional USSD service application-routing it provides, it is a complete turnkey solution for doing anything and everything USSD.

On a single platform, it provides you, amongst other things, with a set of Swiss army-like tools for:

  • Building, testing, and deploying USSD service apps on the platform rapidly in a graphical service creation environment.
  • Providing a touch-driven smart device app-containing all existing USSD services in your network-to your iOS + Android smartphone and tablet-using subscribers.
  • Performing advanced USSD service routing and barring.
  • Billing subscribers to use USSD services with the networks billing system.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexible: The system enables rapid service creation and deployment on the platform, provides multiple subscriber interfaces, advanced service routing options, and enables service billing.
  • Scalable and Reliable: The system provides robust carrier-grade throughput and availability, is fully redundant, and has an effective track record in multiple Tier-1 operators.
  • Future-Proof: The system is purposefully engineered to scale to the most demanding operator needs, can run as a virtualised service, and provides USSD services to customers in a mobile USSD app.

Key Features

  • Same-day service creation, handset-testing, and live service deployment
  • Multiple subscriber service interfaces (smartphone app, interactive service menu, and single-shot transactions)
  • Automatic service menu redirection to and from operator and WASP apps
  • Carrier-grade stability and 99.999% availability
  • Can be deployed on stand-alone servers or on virtual machines/private cloud

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