SMS System VI Architecture

About SMS System VI

SMS System VI is a carrier-grade high-performance Short Message Service Center (SMSC) for mobile networks. It is a software-only system that you can deploy on bare-metal servers or on virtual machines/private cloud.

The SMSC provides a comprehensive set of operating capabilities including:

  • First Delivery Attempt Processing: Attempts to deliver all Short Messages it receives directly to recipient subscribers handsets
  • Store and Forward: Enables storing of undeliverable messages for later retry forwarding to available subscribers
  • ESME Service-Routing: Enables WASPs to provide messaging services from their HTTP/S and SMPP interfaces
  • Message Charging: Enables prepaid billing and postpaid charging recorded in richly detailed CDRs
  • Multi-Language Message Support: Enables message text processing using GSM 7-bit, Unicode, UTF-8, & UCS2 encoding

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Flexible Licensing


Virtualised and Cloud Deployable

Virtualised and
Cloud Deployable

Hassle-Free Integration


Key Benefits

  • No messages will be dropped when you outgrow your licence limits-the system does not hard cap message throughput
  • Pharos supplies the following SMSC integration services:
  • We clone each of your ESME accounts
  • We clone your message routing and translation table
  • Enables your move to a virtualised messaging environment

Key Features

  • Handles the most demanding campaigns
  • Lets you set ESME message quotas to prevent WASPs and aggregators from flooding and overburdening the system
  • Provides a real-time backup system to protect messages from disappering as a result of unplanned shutdowns
  • Ships with an intuitive O&M interface for messaging configuration, reporting , and dashboard monitoring

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Pharos Avantgard has the following other products in its SMS catalogue:

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Extends the use of SMS to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) data networks.

SMS Interconnect Billing
Produces detailed CDRs from the signalling network, which contain hard evidence of all off-net Short Messages sent to and from the operators mobile network.

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