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About IP-SM Gateway

Pharos' 3GPP compliant IP-SM Gateway provides two vital business functions:

  • IP-SM Gateway secures the future of Short Messaging in IMS-based mobile networks.
  • IP-SM Gateway enables you to keep using your SMSC, which extends the investment in and lifespan of the networks SMS infrastructure.

Vitally, IP-SM Gateway lets you continue using SMS to engage with your customers who have smartphones and tablets with IMS message clients. This will enable you to transparently provide Short Message Services to your IMS subscribers. The gateway will also enable IMS message clients to send SMS messages to 2G/3G devices. This will provide you with SMS interworking with other operators that have not deployed IMS-based networks.

IP-SM Gateway works by bridging your mobile networks SMSC with IMS-based data networks; without you needing to alter your existing Short Message Service infrastructure.

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Key Benefits

  • Extends the reach of SMS to IMS-based devices
  • Generates revenue from IMS-based A2P and P2P messaging
  • Achieves the highest message delivery rates by using HLR/HSS caching
  • Scales to handle the most demanding needs

Key Features

  • Domain selection for SMS deliveries
  • A2P (MT) and P2A/P2P (MO) IMS message-routing
  • Deploys on cloud-based and virtualized servers
  • Carrier-grade stability and 99.999% availability
  • Visual monitoring of MO and MT Short Message traffic

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