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About Glass Notes

Glass Notes is a digital data-capturing solution for any business to keep track of its fixed assets, such as office furniture, computer equipment, vehicles, buildings, and other types of possessions.

By gathering your asset data digitally you will spend less time obtaining asset data and gain immediate access to audited data. This reduces your asset auditing costs and let's you monitor what's being audited.

Glass Notes provides business users with a Web application to define which asset data to collect, assign auditing work to auditors, monitor auditing work, and obtain asset reports. Auditors receive an Android or iOS smartphone app and Bluetooth barcode scanner.

The form-driven app lets auditors capture asset data quickly, accurately, and consistently. This ensures your asset registry is always up-to-date with accurate and consistent asset data.

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Faster Audits

Faster Audits

Spend less time collecting data
and spend no time transcribing
paper audits into digital format
Reduced Audit Costs

Reduced Audit Costs

Reduce your auditing costs
by spending less man
hours on auditing
Improved Audit Data Quality

Improved Audit Data Quality

Capture accurate and consistent
sets of data about every
asset you own

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