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About Chronos

Lawful Intercept (LI) regulations require you to keep records of all internet destinations that your subscribers visit using your mobile network.

In addition, when required by law, you must provide law enforcement personnel with a way to identify which subscriber accessed which internet destination at specific times; as evidence for use in courts of law.

Chronos is an IP log management system that will minimize your cost to achieve compliance with LI regulations.

Chronos ingests firewall logs, enriches them with subscribers' MSISDNs, and stores them for later searches.

We have designed Chronos with the simplest most efficient technical approach to achieve LI compliance at the lowest possible cost.

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Key Benefits

  • Ensures that you comply with LI regulations
  • Furnishes accurate tamper-proof evidence
  • Reduces your storage costs
  • Provides high-speed subscriber record searches
  • Scales out to accommodate the most demanding record-keeping needs

Key Features

  • Support Syslog, Netflow, and IPFIX firewall log outputs.
  • Use RADIUS feeds to identify subscribers' MSISDNs.
  • Discard all data that's unnecessary to achieve compliance before storing logs in its database.
  • Store logs in a tamper-proof format.
  • Provide the means to search logs and draw reports in a Web UI.

Why Chronos

More than half of all worldwide online traffic is now generated through mobile phones (Statistica, 2018)-Around 80% of social media time and 65% of digital media is consumed on mobile devices, and will increase exponentially in the coming years

As a result, you will need a log management solution that is capable of collecting, correlating, storing, and searching massive volumes of mobile internet activity records.

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