Calypso Handset Experience

About Calypso

USSD is the primary channel which subscribers use to perform self-care activities. Calypso enables you to engage with subscribers when they come to you.

It lets you upsell your own products. In addition, it's also a bulletin board to post network announcements to your entire subscriber base; or communicate personalised subscriber messages.

Unlike using bulk SMS, billboards, TV, and other media to communicate with subscribers, Calypso will provide you with these advantages:

  • A better engagement method: It engages subscribers without disturbing them. Bulk SMS for example, both disturbs and annoys subscribers, is usually irrelevant to individuals' needs, and consequently, returns low conversions.
  • A better offer exposure method: It ensures that you always present your upsells, announcements, and personal messages to subscribers.
  • Accurate conversion-rate reporting: It provides you with actual numbers of accepted and declined offers together with the resulting revenue earned from accepted offers.

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Key Benefits

  • Engages subscribers when you have their attention
  • Gives you frequent opportunities to engage with subscribers
  • Generates revenue from free USSD self-care interactions
  • Drives revenue with personalised offers
  • Works with any USSD Gateway and any USSD application
  • Provides business personnel with visual knowledge in an intuitive Business Activity Monitoring dashboard

Key Features

  • The Recommendation Engine puts you in control of the entire engagement process.
  • Use it together with Autonomous Engagement inputs to set wizard-driven rules that trigger either general or targeted communications.
  • The Business Activity Monitoring UI gives you real-time answers to your key business questions.

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