USSDx makes it possible for your high value customers to access USSD services with their Smart devices over IP. The USSDx App can run iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

It is a powerful solution that uses and extends the lifespan of existing USSD infrastructure as Mobile Network Operators (MNO) deploy 3G, IMS and LTE networks where traditional USSD is either not supported on the network or IP-only devices do not support USSD natively.

Expose ALL your existing USSD services to subscriber through your own custom built app or Pharos's supplied emDial app. USSDx also introduces OneTouch USSD or Smart USSD menus which significantly enhance user experience by eliminating the need to memorize complicated service codes e.g. *123*4567*891011#

USSD System VI

Features and benefits:

1. Recharge Your Tablet

2. USSD Over LTE

3. Expose All USSD Services

4. No More *'s and #'s

5. Mobile Money Transfers

6. Promote Data Bundles Via Banners